Aluflite Full Size Waste Trolley

Aluflite Full Size Waste Trolley

The Aluflite full size waste trolley offers a modern lightweight design that is easy for the cabin crew to use to collect the waste from passengers after serving food and beverages. The trolley is extremely durable and strong, featuring a push-to-close locking system, aluminium internal waste bin, waste flaps to the top and single flap to the door together with a low maintenance four wheel braking system.

A choice of exterior finishes for the external panels of the waste trolley is available. Empty weights starting at 16.3 kg.

Our full size waste trolley features two top opening flaps at each end of the trolley as well as spring loaded front flaps on both sides. The internal bin can be divided if required for waste separation.

full size waste trolley


All Korita Aviation waste bins are manufactured to the highest standards and can offer a choice of designs and partitions for waste separation. A pull handle is a standard feature and the option of an embossed logo is available.


Our Aluflite waste trolleys are built for purpose and provide you with strength and durability to ensure maximum work comfort to the cabin crew. The waste trolleys offer various features that benefit ease of use during inflight service as well as easy maintenance to ensure maximum onboard service productivity.

The full size waste trolley features two top opening flaps at each end of the trolley.

The waste bin is made of lightweight aluminium with a pull handle and is available with an embossed logo.

The four wheel braking system improves stability due to two strong cross bars to hold the wheels, pedals and brakes. The cross bars interlock with the brake cams and the twin pedals to ensure all four wheels are locked when the brakes are pressed. The system is designed to change parts easily to ensure low maintenance and reduction of costs.

The Aluflite waste trolley features an extra glider below the top of the trolley to accommodate carrying a flexible waste bag.

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