Aluflite Full Size Trolley - Standard Blue

Aluflite Full Size Trolley

The Aluflite full size trolley features an innovative lightweight design that delivers durability and strength.  A range of trolley options are available to deliver the onboard service to your passengers. All of our trolleys feature a standard push-to-close locking system, a low maintenance four wheel braking system, a recessed pull handle and a choice of exterior finishes.

With empty weights starting from 16.3 kg, you are assured of great fuel efficiency.

All Aluflite trolleys have an integrated push-to-close locking system. This offers easy handling for cabin crew, secure door closure and reduced noise in the cabin. The push-to-close locking system is our new standard in aviation galley equipment.

Trolley lock push to close system


Korita Aviation offers a full range of standard Atlas or KSSU drawers. Customers can choose to emboss or placard their company logo on the drawers. Dual side runners are available to allow for the required appropriate stacking of the drawers to accommodate the different content height of the items to be stored.

Our polypropylene range of Atlas and KSSU drawers offers an extremely durable and cost effective alternative to aluminium and are available for immediate delivery from stock. All drawers can be printed with your company logo.


The Aluflite trolleys have various features that benefit user friendliness as well as easy maintenance. Our design and engineering team keep in mind what the requirements are from the cabin crew point of view as well as the airline with regard to return on investment and durability.

A silicone door seal is integrated into the door frame to reduce noise on door closure and to prevent temperature loss through the door.

Additional insulation to the base plate prevents temperature loss via the base of the trolley.

All our trolleys have an integrated push-to-close locking system. This offers easy handling for cabin crew, secure door closure and reduced noise in the cabin.

The four wheel braking system improves stability due to two strong cross bars to hold the wheels, pedals and brakes. The cross bars interlock with the brake cams and the twin pedals to ensure all four wheels are locked when the brakes are pressed. The system is designed to change parts easily to ensure low maintenance and reduction of costs.

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