Our Rail Trolleys

Korita designs and manufactures rail catering equipment that includes the Inseat Rail Trolley and the Rail Catering Trolley. Our rail catering equipment range is offered both as standard or special bespoke railway design.

Our rail catering trolley’s are designed with practicality and service in mind, ensuring that the crew can meet passenger needs at all times when using both the Inseat Rail Trolley and the Rail Catering Trolley as they are light and easy to manoeuvre within the rail car.

Inseat Rail Trolley

Railway Inseat Catering Trolley

Rail Catering Trolley

Railway Catering Trolley

Effective solutions

With the range of rail catering equipment, Korita offers you trolleys that provide the highest standards in lightweight design, durability and stability combined with the latest innovations in low and easy maintenance. We meet your requirements for creating effective solutions in railway catering equipment.

Creative thinking

We think with you. We work with you to provide fresh ideas. We provide solutions. Creating innovative products to service our client’s needs is what we do!



ISO 9001 Certification



Korita products are designed to meet the high standards required for today’s modern railway companies.



We guarantee customer satisfation by meeting and exceeding your expectations in design to specification, on-time delivery and aftersales service.


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