Extended Atlas Oven Rack

Atlas Extended Oven Rack

Using a high grade aluminium alloy, the Korita Aviation Oven Racks and Trays are amongst the strongest in the industry. The Oven Racks are designed to withstand 500 lbs/226kg load without deflection. There is a stopper system on all our Oven Racks that prevents the trays from sliding out of position when the oven rack is tilted.

All our Oven Racks offer the safety stopper system to prevent the trays from sliding out when the oven rack is tilted, thus preventing accidents and injuries.

Oven Rack - Safety Stoppers


The Oven Tray allows maximum air flow to ensure consistent temperature. It can be embossed with your company name and logo.


Our Oven Racks have various features that benefit user friendliness as well as easy maintenance. Our design and engineering team keep in mind what the requirements are from the cabin crew point of view as well as the airline with regard to return on investment and durability.

The security stoppers on our oven racks and slides ensures the oven trays do not slide out when the oven rack is picked up and slightly tilted.

Each oven racks design allows for consistent air flow over the items to ensure constant temperature is achieved throughout.

Your company logo can be printed or embossed on the Oven Rack and Trays.

The recessed top handle makes transportation and carrying of the oven rack easier and allows stable stacking.


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