Our Containers

The Aluflite Containers are designed to be extremely robust and durable with easy maintenance. The push-to-close locking system is now a well established design feature benefiting airlines worldwide.

All lightweight containers offer a modern and innovative design with a choice of door finishes available for an enhanced look in your galley and to support your airline branding.

The Aluflite Containers are designed using a high grade aluminium alloy making them strong and durable, providing you with a great return on investment. We offer containers in both Atlas and KSSU standards as well as a lower KSSU Container, an Ice Container and a high security Sales Container.

The Ice Container is fully insulated and has door seals. The design ensures effective thermal breaks and prevents heat loss.

Aluflite Atlas Container

Standard Atlas Container

Aluflite KSSU Container

KSSU Container

Lower KSSU Container

Lower KSSU Container

Atlas Ice Container

Ice Container

Atlas Sales Container

Korita Sales Container

Attention to detail

Korita Aviation pays attention to detail with your individual requirements. We make an effort to explain your ideas in concrete products that will satisfy your cabin crew in their daily working environment.

A wealth of experience

As part of the Direct Aviation group, there is over 25 years of knowledge and expertise behind the Korita Aviation range of gally equipment. With our research and development team and production facility in Suzhou, China we have succeeded in combining a modern design with the latest innovations in stability, durability and lightweight equipment.



All our products are tested and approved to FAA and EASA standards.



All our products are designed for strength and durability.



Our products are designed to meet the high standards required for today’s modern airlines and railway companies.

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